Solar Products


230 Watt 24 Volt Solar Panel
Product ID : 230cspv
500 Watt Solar Grid Tie Inverter 10.8 to 30VDC Input
Product ID : 10-30vgti500spv
Solar Panel Cable 10 AWG PV Wire
Product ID : pv_10awg
Product is priced by length. Sold in lengths of 5 to 300 feet.
Solar Panel Mounting Rack 5 Feet
Product ID : sprk5ft
Solar panel mounting system (fits two of our 100 watt solar panels)
100 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel by Missouri Wind
Product ID : MW100W12VSP
The new Missouri Wind and Solar 100 Watt Panels!
100 Watt Solar Panel Kit
Product ID : SPPKIT_100Watt
Simple solar panel kit for producing your own power.
Solar Panel Mounting Rack 6 Feet
Product ID : SPRK6FT
Solar panel mounting system with two seven foot aluminum rails and hardware.
Z Clip Solar Panel Mounting Bracket Kit
Hot Deal
Product ID : SP_ZCLP
Solar Panel Mounting Rack 5 Feet
Product ID : SR_5Foot
5 foot solar panel racks perfect for two of our 100 watt solar panels
75 Amp 600 Volt Blocking Diode
Product ID : bd70
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Whether you connect solar panels or batteries in series or parallel the capacity or wattage (power) of the bank or panel array stays roughly the same. 24 volt systems are more efficient than 12 volt, but 12 volt systems are less expensive initially. 48 volt systems are more dangerous and expensive initially because you need more batteries or panels in series to achieve 48 volts. All the information is just an example. Always follow manufacturer recommendations. Read below for more: