Wind Turbines

At Missouri Wind and Solar we manufacture residential and commercial wind turbines right here in the USA for use in grid-tied or off grid battery charging.  With their small size and quiet operation, our turbines can be used almost anywhere. With the multi-blade configuration, our turbines can be deployed closer to the ground than large single, double, or three bladed wind turbines.


We believe in the quality of our Raptor Generation 4 wind turbine blades so much that we're giving a lifetime warranty against them breaking. See turbine or blade listings for details!

Missouri Basic 600 Watt 5 Blade Wind Turbine
Product ID : 500w_5blade_basic
SkyMAX Wind 500 Watt Wind Turbine
Product ID : SM400
Available in 12 and 24 volt models and has a peak output of 500 watts.
SkyMAX Wind 500 Watt Wind Turbine and Hybrid Controller
Hot Deal
Product ID : SM400_12V+WSC04
SkyMAX Wind 400 Watt 12V Turbine & Controller
7 Blade 600 Watt Basic Raptor Wind Turbine
Product ID : mw7braptor600
SkyMAX Wind 750 Watt Wind Turbine
Hot Deal
Product ID : SM600
Available in 24 and 48 volt models and has a peak output of 750 watts.
SkyMAX Wind 750 Watt Wind Turbine with Controller & Roof Mount
Hot Deal
Product ID : SM600_Combo_Kit
Our 750 Watt Turbine with Charge Controller & Roof Mount
1600 Watt Missouri Freedom™ 5 Blade Wind Turbine Generator
Hot Deal
Product ID : freewind_5
Our newest wind turbine in a 5 blade model
SkyMAX Wind 1200 Watt Wind Turbine
Hot Deal
Product ID : SM1000
Available in 24 and 48 volt models and has a peak output of 1200 watts.
1600 Watt 5 Blade Missouri Rebel™ Freedom Wind Turbine
Product ID : rebel_freedom_5blade_black
SkyMAX Wind 1800 Watt Wind Turbine
Product ID : SM1500
Available in 48 volts and has a peak output of 1800 watts.
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Additional important wind turbine information: To obtain maximum output from our wind turbines your tower should be a minimum of 60 feet high in a clearing, free from obstructions such as buildings and trees. Your wind turbine should be above tree tops and buildings for best performance. Wind turbines mounted on rooftops or connected to the end of buildings will see less output due to turbulent wind "dirty wind." As a general rule for wind turbines, the higher the better. Even though you may not be able to have a 60 foot tower, battery charging or grid feeding power is still obtainable on roof tops and short towers. The wind can blow 24 hours a day while solar is limited to 8 hours or less. One small wind turbine may not equal the output of 10 solar panels.

Our Missouri wind turbines do not furl unless otherwise specified which means they can keep producing power in high winds unlike turbines that are designed to shut down at 30 mph using an electrical brake or furling. Our Raptor Generation 4™ and Raptor Series™ wind turbine blades are, to an extent, "self regulating" and have been tested to 125 mph winds by Missouri Wind and Solar. Fewer blades equal higher RPMs with more output but higher winds are necessary for startup. More blades equal lower wind speed startups but less output in higher winds. Our wind turbines perform the best in wind zones 2 to 7.

Our Missouri Wind turbines (excluding our Skymax Brand) are capable of producing 500 to 2000 watts plus instantaneously in high wind gusts. Our Skymax Turbines are limited to their rated output and absolute maximum output between 13 and 15 m/s wind. If you intend to install your wind turbine in a low wind area, on a rooftop, or behind a building it will still work for battery charging just at a lower charging rate and time. Note: A small wind turbine can extend your battery life cycle by up to 50% over solar alone with just one wind storm per month. However, because a wind turbine may possibly produce more power than your particualar battery or battery bank can handle, you should use a charge controller to keep your batteries from overcharging.

Our wind turbines can be used for grid feed (grid-tied), battery based, resistive load, and other applications. Please see our how-to and instructional videos for helpful information.

Limited terms for all Raptor Generation 4 and Raptor Series wind turbine blade warranty: Guaranteed for a lifetime, not to break under normal use. Cracked or broken blades will be replaced free of charge. We only warranty blades if they break under normal use

We do not recommend using our Raptor Blades with any hub made of less quality than the hubs recommended on our site. Warranty does not apply due to a tower fall, over tightening of bolts, or striking flying debris from tornado or hurricanes, or falling trees. Warranty only applies when Raptor Generation 4 blades or Raptor Series blades are used with Missouri Wind and Solar blade hubs only. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs only. All broken blades must be returned to Missouri Wind and Solar for replacement with copy of purchase at owner's expense.  Warranty is non-transferrable.

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